Monday, July 13, 2009

Brooklyn in The Spring:The Remix

Sorry for the repost, but I just added a whole lot of pics to my photo album entitled "Brooklyn in the Spring." I also removed some of the weaker photos.

With these pictures I wanted to show the world that Brooklyn is beautiful, especially in the spring. Most of these pictures are from people's personal container gardens, small community gardens and various city parks. They were taken around Crown Heights, Prospect Park, Prospect Heights, Downtown Brooklyn, Fort Greene, Red Hook, Brooklyn Heights and on the Brooklyn Promenade.

I just find it refreshing to see living things growing in a city that is mostly steel and concrete. I want to try to promote the idea of greening the city thru guerilla gardening, community gardens, creating more city parks. Not only does it enrich our lives and alleviate some of the stress of city life, flowers and plants and trees help clean the air we breathe. You can grow a garden about anywhere- on a rooftop, in containers on your stoop, in a window box. And you can grow fruits, vegetables and herbs to offset the high cost of food. You'll be doing yourself and the planet a favor.

For more info on Greening the City:
Green Guerillas
Green Thumb NYC
NYC Community Garden Coalition
NYC Park Advocates

For more photo essays on the greener side of the city, check out my older posts on the community gardens of East Village/LES and the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

Soon I'll be posting my pictures from Central Park, so watch out for those. I also have not been to the botanical gardens in either Queens or the Bronx, so expect lots of photos of those after I finally check them out. Not to mention all the parks I haven't been to yet in all five boroughs.

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