Monday, June 1, 2009

DVD Strikes Again: Raye 6 Dollar Van Demo...

Thank you Vlad and Dollar Van Demos for introducing me to the music of Raye 6...

Raye 6 - "Chocolate Mahogany Poppy"

Raye 6 is a bad-ass sexually liberated feminst singer/songwriter in the vein of prince. She seemingly effortlessly floats from R&B, funk, soul and rock. But you know its gotta take a lot of work to make something so hard look so easy. Her music is all real, she talks boldly about her life and who she is as a person. She talks about being raised by a single mother, about being homeless and living in her car, she urges women to take control of their lives and their existance. She's just overall an amazing woman with an amazing voice. And if her youtubes and livestreams are any indication, her live shows are theatrical and sexually charged. She performs with equally talented musicians, creating a psychedelic and soulfull sound.

So check her out. Raye 6's next show is at the Bowery Poetry Club this Thursday, June 4th at 10:00 PM. $10 at the door.

The show is part of the Bowery Poetry Club's ongoing Writers Block Party, "comprised of dynamic show opening performances by hand picked emerging artists, followed by the Writers Block Poetry Collective, topped off with the WILDEST after party imaginable."

For more info on Raye 6 check out her homepages:
raye 6 on myspace
Raye 6 on livestream

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