Thursday, June 4, 2009

Eye Heart New York on Manhattan Times Blog Watch

"eye heart new york" was recently featured on The Manhattan Times Neighborhood Blog Watch.

The Manhattan Times is a free bilingual community paper that covers news and cultural events relating to Northern Manhattan (Inwood and Washington Heights). The paper serves as the "primary bridge between the diverse language, ethnic, and religious communities of Northern Manhattan."

Concidering Washington Heights was the first place I lived when I moved to New York, it felt really good to be noticed by The Manhattan Times. It makes me so mad when you open up a map of New York City and all it shows is Manhattan below 110th Street. Any real New Yorker knows that the fun starts at about 125th Street. Harlem, Washington Heights and Inwood all have a lot to offer in the way of arts and culture, music and history. As well as unique independant businesses, beautiful parks and public spaces.

Check out the "eye heart new york" blurb here:
Manhattan Times Neighborhood Blog Watch.

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