Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Full "Egg Rolls and Egg Creams" Slideshow

I got some really cool shots of the inside of the Historic Eldridge Street Synagogue during the Egg Rolls and Egg Creams Festival. The festival was sponsored by the Eldridge Street Museum and celebrated both Jewish and Chinese American culture in New York City. After the Festival I took the rest of the afternoon to walk around Chinatown and take pictures. Got some nice shots of outdoor markets, storefronts and the Manhattan Bridge. Unfortunately the batteries in my camera died right when I discovered a huge scateboarding competition in a small park underneath the Manhattan Bridge. It was mostly kids of color (Black, Latino and Asian) and the park was full inside and outside of the fence. Loudspeakers were blaring Hip Hop music and nearly everyone had a board in their hands. Would have made some great photos, but oh well.

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