Monday, April 6, 2009

Dollar Van Demos (NYC Music & Transportation Part 1)

Have I mentioned how much I fucking love this city? Especially Brooklyn?

Check out Dollar Van Demos.

From the Borough of Brooklyn comes Dollar Van Demos, a series of music videos showcasing talented musicians, rappers and comedians performing inside a real New York City dollar van with real passengers on the streets of Brooklyn, USA.

Dollar vans provide a much-needed transportation for neighborhoods under-served by mass transit. Typically operated by West Indian drivers, the ride is cheap, adventurous and now immensely entertaining!


Leeia Music

More on Dollar Vans:

Arising out of a Mass Transit Authority strike in 1981, dollar vans have become the transportation of choice for many residents within the Flatbush community. Cheaper, more convienient and more reliable, dollar vans provide a much needed service to areas of Brooklyn that are under-served by the MTA. Once illegal, many are now licensed by the city.

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  1. where can i send a song? its called "I Love NY"