Sunday, April 19, 2009

Habana Outpost Open for Spring, Summer and Fall!!!

Yesterday marked the opening of Habana Outpost for the spring, summer and fall seasons with their annual Earth Day Expo. And I can't begin to tell you how excited I am.

2008 Earth Day Expo

Habana Outpost is an eco-eatery and community space in Brooklyn's Fort Greene neighborhood. It's powered by 100% renewable energy. Since its opening, Habana Outpost has been operating on energy derived from their massive solar panels partnered with subsidized wind power. The toilets use water collected from an impressive rainwater collection and filtration system. Even the water used to wash your hands is reclaimed and filtered through a series of wetlands plants. The tables are all made from recycled and reclaimed materials. Plus on weekend afternoons you can save a dollar by mixing your own frozen drink using the bike powered blender!

Habana Outpost serves home-style Latin food with Cuban and Central Mexican accents out of a stationary truck parked in their fabulous and funky courtyard. Like so many New York establishments, there's a trick to ordering (ala the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld). So a tip for newbies: wait in line inside to order, once you pay you get a ticket which you then take outside to the truck, when they're done they will call your name out.

The food is local and organic, they do serve meat, but special note to vegans: they have some of the best veggie dogs in the world. And at the condiment station they have nearly as many different types of hot sauces as I do in my own kitchen (which is a lot). Most of the food is really expensive, but they have unbelievably cheap local craft beer on sale. New York's Six Point Ale on draft for only $2.50 a cup. The cup, like all their disposable dinnerware is biodegradable, which you can deposit in their awesome recycling and compost station behind the truck.

Perhaps best of all is their FREE Sunday night outdoor movie series in the courtyard where they project cult/classic movies onto the side of a building. The Sunday night movies run from the beginning of May until the end of October. Most of the movies have a New York theme (Warriors, Crooklyn, Do the Right Thing, Scarface). If you plan on getting a seat for the movies, I'd suggest coming at least an hour early. Last year when we went to watch Scarface and the courtyard was so packed we had to stand outside of the fence. Eventually people were spilling out into the streets. Probably the most fun was watching Flash Gordon, the crowd was so much fun. Everyone was yelling at the screen and singing along to Queen's infectious sound track.

This year, you can bet your ass I'm going to be there May 10th for the quintessential Brooklyn movie, Warriors.

10-The Warriors
24-Coming to America
31-Krush Groove

7-Way of the Dragon
14- Salsa
21-Satuday Night Fever
28-Do the right thing

19-Drunken Master
26-SuperMan II

Wait, did I mention that there are monthly burlesque shows in the courtyard all summer long? You have to love a city where you can have outdoor burlesque shows and no one complains! Bare breasts outside, where nature intended them, with all different kinds of body shapes and sizes.

Burlesque at Habana Outpost Brooklyn, Sept. 2006

Common at Habana Outpost Brooklyn

Stroll around Habana Outpost

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